Tinder vs Grindr : Similarities between two dating apps

The basic model of swiping left and right is not the only similarity between the two applications, it extends beyond that. Though, there is one major difference between the two dating applications, that is they both cater to two different sets of audiences, Grindr is referred to “gay tinder”, whereas Tinder allows you to select the gender, making it used by the straight community.

Grindr was launched in the year 2009, and it was the application that actually started it all. By the end of the year 2016, there were 5 million active users of the application. On the other hand, Tinder, by the year 2014, became a success, with over one billion swipes every day.

The applications are similar and also differ in a lot of features, both at the same time. The interface of the applications differs, in the case of Tinder, the user is able to see only one person at a time, whereas in case of Grindr, they can see a collage. Users and researchers have been debating over the motive of both the applications. They are yet to find out whether either of them can be used to help people find relationships that will be long lasting in nature. The personal experience varies from one person to the other as the usage of a dating app is subjective in nature. If you are looking for a hook up, well, that could be easily found in both the applications.

Grindr for Computer allows you to show people that have logged in the past one hour, allowing you for immediate hook- up, Tinder does not allow you this feature. Both the applications are also blamed of increasing the risk of sexually transmitted disease, this happens because both the applications have this feature of casual sex. Grindr, also known as the forefather of mobile dating, is not similar to Tinder, it is said that Tinder is similar to Grindr in a lot many ways. Both of these applications give suggestions based on the location, and both are popular equally. Two years ago, Grindr tried to target a broader audience and they did this by launching an application, known as Blendr. But, due to some reason Blendr was not able to achieve success, as lot of users eventually decided to let go off Blendr.