Snapseed- Download For Android

Snapseed is a graphics editor released on mobile devices running Android. With it you can quickly and easily apply different effects to any photo – if the sentence did not make the impression on you , you probably have you tested other similar editors and think that nothing new will come up in this category applications . You cannot hide: you’re right. If you already have your favorite text editor, where you can do everything with photos, Snapseed then you are not interested, but if you install Snapseed, then you will not need another word, because already in Snapseed can do anything. If it sounded strange to say this: Snapseed can be put in first place in the category of image editors available for Android, but at the same place there are also some other editors. But if there is something that stands Snapseed against this background? Yes!


First of all, it is a way to control effects. Changing the type of effect and a change in the intensity of the effect it is supported by gestures. Usually it looks like that when we are in a mode having different specific effects and is as such. Tune Image , then: 1 ) touch screen with a picture of a finger and move your finger up or down – in the way we choose effect : brightness, saturation ( saturation) , contrast , etc .; 2 ) while the effect is selected , e.g. . Brightness, move your finger left or right to change the level of intensity. And as you move your finger to find the right intensity; at the same time we are informed of measurable intensity values , which range from -100 to +100.


The application allows you to edit such a picture taken from the hand, and photos already held in the device resources. Even after starting the application from the main screen, we can continue working, because the next modes are located on the bottom bar. Note the selective editing tool (Selective Adjust). This is the second thing distinctive Snapseed. It allows you to select brightness, saturation, or contrast – but only in this (of course we specified) portion of the image and manipulation intensity only in relation to this particular passage.

Download Snapseed for Android

Snapseed is an excellent graphics editor. In fact Snapseed works even better on PC, you can also download Snapseed for PC. Finally, however, after thorough testing, it turns out that there are certain differences between the applications that we commonly use for photo editing. Everything depends on the degree of our involvement in the process, which would not be here talking, creativity to be precise. Snapseed allows rapid processing, but also allows editing of lasting a good few minutes (after hearing all the functions, and especially selective editing). In case of problems with the service , which, due to the involvement of gestures is innovative , we can use the instruction manual, which in pictorial way will show you how to deal with each successive mode (only in English).

Snapseed for iOS