The Features of SHAREit for PC and How to Download It

SHAREit app is undeniably the most popular file sharing app. Earlier it was only available for mobile to mobile file transfers. However, now it is now available for the PCs as well as Mac computers. This is great news for those who frequently need to transfer files back and forth between their mobile and computer or also between two computers that are not connected through LAN but are in the close proximity.


What makes SHAREit so exceptional?

To share files between a mobile device and computer you had to connect your phone using the USB cable and then wait for the drive to show up. This was a pretty hectic process. Also, in the absence of the USB cable it was impossible to transfer the files. But not anymore! With SHAREit you can easily transfer the files without any cable.

To establish the connection between two devices you need the Wi-Fi feature. However, it does not use the internet connection and thus does not eat your broadband data. Through Wi-Fi you can establish the connection between the mobile and PC instantly and start sharing files.

File transfer between two computers has become even easier with this incredible app. You do not need to copy the file to your flash drive and then paste it on the other computer. The transfer can now happen wirelessly between laptops and PCs. The two devices just need to be close to each other.

Features of SHAREit

There are numerous features of SHAREit  that make it so popular. Here are some of them:

  • It establishes direct connection between two computers or devices wirelessly. Therefore, it makes the file transfer extremely convenient.
  • The speed of file transfer is really fast. As compared to Bluetooth it can be up to 100 times faster.
  • It allows you to share all types of files including videos, songs, documents, and more
  • The application is absolutely free of cost.

Download SHAREit on PC

It is a free file sharing application developed by Lenovo. You can easily download it for free on your PC at the following address:

It is a great application and you can rely on it for your file sharing needs.