Tinder vs Grindr : Similarities between two dating apps

The basic model of swiping left and right is not the only similarity between the two applications, it extends beyond that. Though, there is one major difference between the two dating applications, that is they both cater to two different sets of audiences, Grindr is referred to “gay tinder”, whereas Tinder allows you to select the gender, making it used by the straight community.

Grindr was launched in the year 2009, and it was the application that actually started it all. By the end of the year 2016, there were 5 million active users of the application. On the other hand, Tinder, by the year 2014, became a success, with over one billion swipes every day.

The applications are similar and also differ in a lot of features, both at the same time. The interface of the applications differs, in the case of Tinder, the user is able to see only one person at a time, whereas in case of Grindr, they can see a collage. Users and researchers have been debating over the motive of both the applications. They are yet to find out whether either of them can be used to help people find relationships that will be long lasting in nature. The personal experience varies from one person to the other as the usage of a dating app is subjective in nature. If you are looking for a hook up, well, that could be easily found in both the applications.

Grindr for Computer allows you to show people that have logged in the past one hour, allowing you for immediate hook- up, Tinder does not allow you this feature. Both the applications are also blamed of increasing the risk of sexually transmitted disease, this happens because both the applications have this feature of casual sex. Grindr, also known as the forefather of mobile dating, is not similar to Tinder, it is said that Tinder is similar to Grindr in a lot many ways. Both of these applications give suggestions based on the location, and both are popular equally. Two years ago, Grindr tried to target a broader audience and they did this by launching an application, known as Blendr. But, due to some reason Blendr was not able to achieve success, as lot of users eventually decided to let go off Blendr.

Popular Apps for Live Broadcasting

Want to keep up with the latest trend and get on with ‘being social’ concept? Here is a new service for you – live video streaming. Uploading still pictures that are motionless is slowly becoming a passé. Going ‘live’ is the new thing.  Live streaming is all about telling the world what you are doing right now. If you are partaking in any adventure activity, you can go live instantly and broadcast it to the world. Here are some of the top apps for live streaming.


Easily available on Google Play Store for free it is one of the best apps for live-streaming. Probably the first to come with such a service, it got acquired by twitter soon after a streak of success. The app comes with a great interface to watch and broadcast live videos. Users can make their own channel and get connected to the followers list. You can get Periscope for windows with Android emulator. It is available on Android and iOS mobiles.


Facebook Live

Owing to Periscope’s success, Mark Zuckerberg, as usual, came with a new feature in his already existing branded app, Facebook – “Facebook live”. As the name suggests, it allows Facebook users to go live and stream to their Friend’s list. Followers get notified on broadcaster’s arrival and can respond to him/her in chat section via likes and comments. The service is also suited for Small Business Marketers and even celebrities.


Live Stream

This app isn’t free like the others but it is suited more for professionals than the casual users. This service is available for $42 per month, which could be pretty exorbitant for many. But, there is no doubt it provides world-class live streaming services. Whether you are a singer, stunt biker, or just about anyone willing to promote yourself or your products and services, you can use this app.


Bigo Live

Bigo Live app has already been downloaded more than 50 million times. It is one of the most reliable and effective live-streaming services. Using this app is easy as you can start the live broadcast with a single tap. While broadcasting, you can also interact with the viewers. Your viewers can also express themselves by sending ‘doughnuts’ (like) in comments section.


Skype vs FaceTime vs Hangouts : Detailed Comparison

Video calling over the internet has been there for more than a decade. The advancements in the mobile technologies and data networks have made the video calling services cheaper and more accessible. So, all seems good for the users. But there is one big challenge – with so many video calling apps available for free, it becomes a little difficult for the users to pick the right one.

Here is a quick comparison between the three biggest video calling services available at this time – Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts.


Platforms Compatibility

Almost all the major video calling apps today are designed for cross platform or multi-platform functionality. However, there are certain limitations with some of them. For instance, FaceTime is one of the most popular video calling apps around. The only challenge, and a big one at that, is it is available only to the Apple devices. So, if you have an iOS device or an OSX computer, you can use FaceTime. It is not compatible with the other devices.

Google hangouts and Skype, on the other hand, are available across almost all platforms including Android, iOS, OSX, and Windows (both mobiles and PCs). Google Hangout can be used as a web-based app on the computers. Skype is available as installable, stand-alone software.

Features and interface

FaceTime comes with the bare minimum features required to make high-quality video calls. With FaceTime, Apple wanted to focus only on video-calling. For the rest, you could use iMessage, which is a chat and voice calling service.

Skype and Google Hangouts are a complete package. Both of them offer text, voice, and video calling. You can also send and receive pictures, voice notes, and files with both these applications.

Call Quality

If truth be told, the call quality depends largely upon your device and the type of internet connection. All the three top players in the market use the best technology and finest techniques to create their video calling products. For most of us, difference in the call quality may not be apparent. However, FaceTime users claim that they experience the best video calling quality with it. So, that is pretty much the verdict of the users.

Note : Unfortunelay, you can’t get Facetime on Android phone as Apple has denied to bring Android version of Facetime. So, you can try others.

iMessage Login Online Guide

iMessage is free messaging system for Apple device users. It basically uses either Wi-Fi or mobile data from your network provider. iMessage does not require a texting plan and the service is free.

iMessage lets you to send texts, pictures, videos, and other files to other user. You can also forward messages from others, send contacts, and share your location.



Log into iMessage using MAC

Logging into iMessage is exceptionally easy. You just follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you need to create an Apple ID if you already don’t have one.
  • Next head to the Messages app
  • Then click on Messages and go to Preferences to find accounts
  • Enter login details with your Apple ID and password
  • Hit sign in and you’re done!


Log into iMessage using your Windows PC

iOS emulator is the best and simplest way to use iMessaging on your windows PC. Many people use this method to access iMessage online and it’s safe.


With Ipadian:

iPadian helps you create the iOS like environment on your windows . Let us guide you through the process of getting iMessage on your Windows PC:


  • Firstly, go to the website www.xpadian.com and iPadian app on your PC.
  • Start the installation process once it gets downloaded.
  • As it gets successfully installed, you’ll be able to see a dock at the bottom of your PC screen.
  • Go to the search bar and type ‘iMessage’. You’d be able to find the app easily.
  • Next download it and follow the installation process.
  • Now all you need to do is login using your Apple ID and enjoy the App.


With remote access on Chrome browser:

This technique only works if you already have a Mac computer with you somewhere else and you want to use iMessage for PC. Here’s how you can use any Mac app on Google Chrome following the steps:

  • Install Google Chrome browser on both your PC and Mac.
  • Head to the Chrome Settings, then further move to ‘Extensions’ and then look for ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ on both your PC and Mac computer and install it.
  • Next go to the Mac, launch the Chrome browser and enable the Chrome Remote Desktop extension in settings.
  • You have to make your computer shared. It’ll give you an access code, save it or write it down somewhere.
  • Now head to your Windows PC, follow the same method mentioned above.
  • After that, select ‘connect remotely’ option and enter the access code you got earlier.
  • This will let you access iMessage or any other Mac apps right on your PC screen.


The Features of SHAREit for PC and How to Download It

SHAREit app is undeniably the most popular file sharing app. Earlier it was only available for mobile to mobile file transfers. However, now it is now available for the PCs as well as Mac computers. This is great news for those who frequently need to transfer files back and forth between their mobile and computer or also between two computers that are not connected through LAN but are in the close proximity.


What makes SHAREit so exceptional?

To share files between a mobile device and computer you had to connect your phone using the USB cable and then wait for the drive to show up. This was a pretty hectic process. Also, in the absence of the USB cable it was impossible to transfer the files. But not anymore! With SHAREit you can easily transfer the files without any cable.

To establish the connection between two devices you need the Wi-Fi feature. However, it does not use the internet connection and thus does not eat your broadband data. Through Wi-Fi you can establish the connection between the mobile and PC instantly and start sharing files.

File transfer between two computers has become even easier with this incredible app. You do not need to copy the file to your flash drive and then paste it on the other computer. The transfer can now happen wirelessly between laptops and PCs. The two devices just need to be close to each other.

Features of SHAREit

There are numerous features of SHAREit  that make it so popular. Here are some of them:

  • It establishes direct connection between two computers or devices wirelessly. Therefore, it makes the file transfer extremely convenient.
  • The speed of file transfer is really fast. As compared to Bluetooth it can be up to 100 times faster.
  • It allows you to share all types of files including videos, songs, documents, and more
  • The application is absolutely free of cost.

Download SHAREit on PC

It is a free file sharing application developed by Lenovo. You can easily download it for free on your PC at the following address: http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/thinkvantage_en/metroapps/SHAREit/MSI/Channels/SHAREitLENOVOSUPPORT.exe

It is a great application and you can rely on it for your file sharing needs.

How To Use Facetime For MAC- All You Need To Know About

Facetime is Apple’s own Video Calling service which allows you to make video calls with other Facetime users. Facetime is available for apple devices running iOS or Mac.

It allows to make unlimited video calls using wifi or broadband data. It includes tons of exciting features like high definition 720p video calling and more.

Due to the various features and easy setup, Facetime is one of the most used Video calling app among apple users. Here is how to use Facetime on Mac –


How to use Facetime on Mac

Rcently in a conference held for bloggers community in London, some of the people enquired about how to download Facetime for PC windows, well, that really came as a surprise to most of us, since we are not sure one can ever access Facetime on pc as its an exclusive product of Apple. Though we do have best alternatives of Facetime for PC which you can surely try in your Android phone or Windows computer.When it comes to using Facetime on MAC computer there are few requirements which you have to fulfill in order to proceed further, suppose, if you have never used Facetime before, then you’ll need to configure it before you can use it. But before configuring, your device should match the following requirements-

Facetime on Mac  – Requirements

*. Apple id- You’ll need an Apple id to log in into Facetime and to make a video call with someone.

*. Latest OS – Facetime is only available for Mac running OS X Mountain Lion, OS X Lion or Mac OS X v10.6.6 (or later).

*. Camera and Internet connection – A minimum speed of 128-Kbps is required to make video calls through Facetime. Also, you’ll need A built-in FaceTime camera, an iSight camera (built-in or external), a USB video class (UVC) camera, or a FireWire DV camcorder.

*. Facetime App – And the final thing, you’ll need the Facetime app installed on your Mac device. It comes pre-installed with OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion. If you are using any Mac device running Mac OS X v10.6.6 (or later) then you can purchase the Facetime App from Mac store.


If you have all the required things then you are now ready to configure Facetime, follow the below steps to start using Facetime-

Step 1. After downloading, Open the Facetime app by clicking on its green icon.

Step 2. You’ll be asked to log in or create a new account. Just log in using your Apple id by filling username and password.

Step 3. Now wait sometimes to let the app verify your account details. You can check your account status on Facetime>preferences. Once verified, you are all set to use Facetime.

How to make video calls on Mac using Facetime

Once you have successfully installed and configured Facetime on your mac device, you are now ready to make Video Calls. Follow these steps to make a video call –

Step 1. Open Facetime app on your Mac. Use the Dock or go to Applications folder to do so.

Step 2. See the navigation panel on the right-hand side to find the name of the person you want to chat with.


Step 3. Once you find the contact, click on it and choose from Apple Id or Phone number (if there is one) to make a video call.

Step 4. Now all you can do is wait for the person on the other side to reply to your call request. Once he accepts it, you both will be connected and will be able to see each other.


So now you are all set. You can make as many video calls as you like and spend unlimited time chatting with your friends face to face even if you are far away. Do tell us your experience with Facetime in the comments section.

A Simple Guide to Edit Your Personal Videos Like Professionals- Using Apps For Android & iOS

It is not difficult to edit any footage that you have on your Smartphone.  All you need is a friendly Application on your phone and you can manage a fair job of it.  Also, there are some Applications available which can Edit your videos which look like a professional job.

Here are few User Friendly Applications which can help and guide you to edit a video at home.

iMovie: You can make a HD clip and release it directly on the social media platforms like Facebook and vimeo.  This Application allows you add Music and Sound effect and even photos from your collection to the video.  You can decorate the video by using the themes, music, titles and transitions already included in the iMovie Application.  This Application has a fee of $4.99.  It is however included in iOS7 onwards free. iMovie for PC is also available, you can download it through Bluestacks Android emulator.


Magisto: Magisto is an Entry level video editor which allows you play around with Trim, Transitions and Filters.  Like iMovie you can add background sound effects and music as well.  This Application is a great initiation for the new users.


Montaj: Montaj allows you to shoot several sequences of 5 second footages then club them together.  You can add storyboard, filters and song to decorate your footage. You can get some similar features of iMovie PC version in this app.


Viddy: This Application is enabled to share your video on facebook, twitter and other Social Media Platforms with one click.  It allows you to some basic decorations to your footage.  You can insert Soundtracks to your video easily.


Cute Cut: This Application has all kinds of drawing tools included.  You can decorate your video using these tools to add effects, borders and textures.


Qik Video: You can add 13 different effects to your video to beautify it.  This also allows you trim your video as par your wish.  This Application was developed by the makers of Skype.


Snapseed- Download For Android

Snapseed is a graphics editor released on mobile devices running Android. With it you can quickly and easily apply different effects to any photo – if the sentence did not make the impression on you , you probably have you tested other similar editors and think that nothing new will come up in this category applications . You cannot hide: you’re right. If you already have your favorite text editor, where you can do everything with photos, Snapseed then you are not interested, but if you install Snapseed, then you will not need another word, because already in Snapseed can do anything. If it sounded strange to say this: Snapseed can be put in first place in the category of image editors available for Android, but at the same place there are also some other editors. But if there is something that stands Snapseed against this background? Yes!


First of all, it is a way to control effects. Changing the type of effect and a change in the intensity of the effect it is supported by gestures. Usually it looks like that when we are in a mode having different specific effects and is as such. Tune Image , then: 1 ) touch screen with a picture of a finger and move your finger up or down – in the way we choose effect : brightness, saturation ( saturation) , contrast , etc .; 2 ) while the effect is selected , e.g. . Brightness, move your finger left or right to change the level of intensity. And as you move your finger to find the right intensity; at the same time we are informed of measurable intensity values , which range from -100 to +100.


The application allows you to edit such a picture taken from the hand, and photos already held in the device resources. Even after starting the application from the main screen, we can continue working, because the next modes are located on the bottom bar. Note the selective editing tool (Selective Adjust). This is the second thing distinctive Snapseed. It allows you to select brightness, saturation, or contrast – but only in this (of course we specified) portion of the image and manipulation intensity only in relation to this particular passage.

Download Snapseed for Android

Snapseed is an excellent graphics editor. In fact Snapseed works even better on PC, you can also download Snapseed for PC. Finally, however, after thorough testing, it turns out that there are certain differences between the applications that we commonly use for photo editing. Everything depends on the degree of our involvement in the process, which would not be here talking, creativity to be precise. Snapseed allows rapid processing, but also allows editing of lasting a good few minutes (after hearing all the functions, and especially selective editing). In case of problems with the service , which, due to the involvement of gestures is innovative , we can use the instruction manual, which in pictorial way will show you how to deal with each successive mode (only in English).

Snapseed for iOS